When will Netflix drive out media companies out of business?

Recently, we got a Sony Blu-Ray disc player. Off course, first thing we did was to signup for Netflix. I wasn’t a avid movie watcher but after getting Netflix I began to discover a lot of good movies. Some documentaries are indeed wonderful!

Before we got Netflix, we used to spend $3 per rental for Indian movies most of the times prints were worthless, but we had no other choice. After we got Netflix, we stopped getting Indian movie rentals. Why? Because even movies released 2 months ago is on Netflix, that too for streaming. This tells me that Netflix must be striking deals to get Bollywood (Indian version of Hollywood) movies to their den at the earliest. And this is just a beginning.

If Netflix were to strike such deals with media companies to get content like CNN, FOX, ESPN etc., then imagine what would happen:
– just one device with TV (reduce the clutter and cables)
– no cable (cable companies are suckers!)
– no advertising (I hope)
– skyrocketing Netflix shares
with lots of money in your pocket!

Netflix has already sent Blockbuster, Hollywood videos out of business.  Cable and media companies should be really scared!

Is Netflix the next Google in making? What do you think?


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