Where is the Consumer Entertainment Technology headed?

If you are a Engadget site visitor like me, you’ll be amazed at that number of devices that mobile vendors like Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and others are churning out these days. All of these vendors must have had Apple 101 lesson because their devices are so much more user-friendly and consumer oriented now, compared to last year. Apple is still the UI king, in my opinion although HTC and Motorola are catching up.

Vendors churning out these devices, broadly classify them in one of several buckets:

  • Laptops – 12 to 19in
  • Netbook – 9 to 13 in
  • Tablets like iPad – 7 to 9in
  • Mobile Smart Phones – 3 to 4.5in

  • Few things abt these category of devices:
    1) Currently, each device in these category have a specific purpose i.e. in general, I would you smart phone for applications like Facebook, twitter, GPS, checking emails, etc, things that would take me just a few mins. If I feel that I need to be on internet for over 20 mins or so, I switch to my laptops.
    2) There is a void for screen size between 4 to 7in. I am left to wonder what kind/type of devices will fill this void?
    3) With the advent of tablets, netbooks will soon be history. Desktops are almost history, I see vendors like best buy scaling back on selling desktops cause’ of lesser revenue
    4) Companies like Dell, HP, Toshiba who are predominantly in desktop, laptop, netbook business should be worried!
    5) Apple, Samsung, definitely HTC, Sony and other making tablets and fancy smart phones are the ones to watch for (maybe, stock up the shares!)

    What are Consumers’ need?
    1) One Universal device: I see myself using my iPhone more than using laptop at home. Sometimes I switch to HDTV to watch YouTube videos – you see, 3 devices already! Can’t I just have one universal device which can scale up or down.
    2) Work with Content providers to provide rich content on demand, on this device
    3) Keep the price point reasonable
    4) Lightweight i.e. easy to carry anywhere
    5) Should also be a gaming device, if possible
    6) Should be kid-friendly. My 4-year-old should be able to use this device at ease
    7) Include mobile technologies like LTE, 3G, 4G, EV-DO; Core notebook add-ons like HDMI 1.4 port, USB, DVD drive, fingerprint etc; Sharing technologies like UPnP, DLNA etc – with an option for consumer to enable or disable per his/her needs.

    I am certain that there’s a vendor out there working on a universal device serving all the purposes like making calls, texting, facebook-ing, and being able to switch to small screen or big screen at convenience.

    Mobile Vendors and Content Providers – are you listening?


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