HTML5 Revolution

HTML5 has gained a lot of traction especially after Apple refused to allow Adobe Flash to run on iOS devices, instead opting to support video/audio support from HTML5. Apple also ensured that all of its software components like Safari, Mac OX and iOS devices are HTML5 complaint. HTML5, along with CSS3 and JavaScript, together allows developers to create advanced graphics, typography, animations, and transitions. Standards aren’t add-ons to the web. They are the web.

HTML5 is being ratified now by W3C and should become a standard by 2012. Most of the browsers like Chrome 9, Safari 5, IE9 are already HTML5 complaint. The most complaint HTML5 browser is IE9 – Iam not saying this but W3C (IE9 Outperforms Other Browsers for HTML5 Compliance)

Few significant features in HTML5:

  • Audio/Video support with display controls
  • Preloading of videos
  • Editable content
  • Email inputs with validation built-in
  • Local Storage
  • Semantic Header and Footer
  • and a few more …

Read more features here.

What is Not HTML5?

  • SVG: Not HTML5
  • CSS3: It is CSS!
  • Geolocation: Not HTML5
  • Client Storage: Not HTML5
  • Web Sockets: Not HTML5

CIO Dashboard has an excellent article today on how IT organizations should adapt to this new web standard. Time to get a head start on this new web standard!


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