Project Server: Groups and Categories

Project Server security could quite confusing if you do not understand the intricacies of Groups and Categories. An article on Projectified really explains this concept very well with simple diagram:

Project Server security is based on users, groups, and categories. Groups contain sets of users who need to access the same set of data in the same way. Categories provide access to projects and resources based on parameters that you define.

Default Groups:
Project Server creates 7 default groups during installation:

  • Administrators
  • Executives
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Resource Managers
  • Team Leads
  • Team Members

Each group is given a default set of permissions (global and category). Templates are also included to allow these default permissions to be assigned to new groups created by the administrator.

Default Categories:
Project Server creates 5 default categories during installation:

Default category

Default groups


My Tasks

Team Members

Primarily used by project resources who have assigned tasks.

My Projects

Project Managers,
Resource Managers, Team Leads

Provides access to all projects that a user owns.

My Resources

Resource Managers

Intended for resource managers and is useful only after the Resource
Breakdown Structure (RBS) is defined.

My Direct Reports

Resource Managers

Intended for users who need to be able to approve timesheets.

My Organization

Portfolio Managers,
Project Managers,
Resource Managers,


Used to grant access to all information in the organization. This
category is intended for PMO, executives, and other key users who
require the ability to view projects and resources across the entire

It’s a good idea to avoid granting system permissions directly to users; rather, create groupings of users (Groups) and groupings of permissions (Categories), then tie them together in the middle.
Administrators should use due diligence before creating new groups or categories.
Microsoft has an excellent article on Plan groups, categories, and RBS in Project Server 2010


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