Project Server: How to edit PWA site?

By default, PWA site is locked down for any changes. However, there is a way to edit the main site by changing a configuration file.

Here’s how –
You need to be logged into the Windows 2008 server where project server is installed to execute this command.
1) On the server, open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder that contains the site definition: 
\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates\site-name\ONET.XML 
In the SiteTemplates folder there are all the template sites used by SharePoint, select the right one for you. 
2) Search for DisableWebDesignFeatures=”wdfopensite” and remove this property
3) Restart IIS
Now, PWA main site, like other sites, should be enabled for editing by tools like SharePoint Designer.

How to edit the site with SharePoint Designer 2007?
I use SharePoint Designer 2007 version because it’s a free download.

1) Launch Designer and Click File -> Open Site -> http://server-name/PWA
2) Click Open
Designer should now load all the content of PWA site – Master pages, Lists, and Project Documents. I have found this feature extremely helpful for changing the look-and-feel of main PWA site, and with bulk check-in of files in Documents section. You need to have Administrator or Project Manager privileges to edit the main PWA site.

If the website is not configured for editing (i.e. DisableWebDesignFeatures=”wdfopensite” property present), then you would get the error message, as below:


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