Blogging with Word 2007

I absolutely love Office 2007 products, my productivity has increased several fold after I started using Office 2007. Integration with other office products like Project Server, SharePoint, etc is fantastic. But, just today, I discovered that you can Blog directly from Word 2007.

Why Bother? Well, if you have used then online wordpress editor, then you would understand the pain. Getting the content right from formatting perspective is quite a challenge because of limited option. A lot of times, I end up tweaking html to get the layout correct. With Word 2007, you get an offline editor that has fantastic spelling, grammar checking and free flow editing features!

Step by Step instructions here.

For users who do not have Word 2007, there is Windows Live Writer 2011. This is more or less similar to Word 2007, albeit with less features (because it’s free!).

Now, you can truly enjoy Blogging!


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