Forms-based Authentication in Project Server 2007

Project Server 2007 provides 2 mechanisms to authenticate users – Windows-based (widely used against AD/LDAP) and Forms-based authentication. Forms based authentication is mostly users for external users who may need access to project server on need-to-know basis. Forms-based authentication can be configured against an SQL Server database or a LDAP store. This article covers only the forms authentication against SQL Server database.

What is Forms Authentication? User enters a user name and password for access, and is authenticated against SQL membership databases (vs. AD)

High-Level Process:

Detailed Operational Steps:

How to log-in as Form Authenticated user?

Go to the URL for the forms-authenticated site: http://servername:port/PWA. Log on with user name and password.

After this one time setup, additional users can be created in PWA.

Creating users with forms-based authentication is a tedious easy task. DBA’s along-with Technical Administrator of Project Server should work closely to setup Forms-based Authentication.


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