iPad Use Case for Parents

Although, iPad has numerous uses in business and tech world, trying to find ways to use it with children could be challenging. Few articles/apps on how iPad could be used by Parents are listed below:

  1. Bed Time stories
  2. Educational app for Kids [E.g. Learning Time, School House, Little ears]
  3. Drawing and Coloring for Kids [E.g. Crayola ColorStudio HD]
  4. Brian Teasers and games
  5. Martha Speaks Dog Party [created by PBS kids to improve vocabulary]
  6. Interactive Alphabet [Learn the alphabet with bright and colorful interactive flash cards]
  7. Math and Science apps

As you can tell, iPad is equally an educational tool as it is an entertainment one. A new study finds that educational iPad apps can increase a child’s vocabulary acquisition by as much as 31 percent within two weeks. The potential of the iPad to transform the education market, esp. from kindergarten to grade-10, is boundless. Apple has started to push the iPad as an education tool. Checkout Apple’s take on Education here.

Parents – any further ideas/thoughts on how best to use iPad with kids?


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