Save vs. Publish in Project Server 2007

Consider this scenario. As a PM, you create your project, publish the project on Project Server 2007 and now you’re ready to let others collaborate with you and so you ask yourself “how do I let others get access to my project?” By default, users who are a part of team (i.e., build team) will be able to atleast view the project schedule on PWA. Many a times, you may want to grant access to resources to be able to just edit/modify the project schedule and save but NOT publish. This is accomplished with changes to category permissions as below (pick a group ->category).

As a PM, maybe you’d like to review the changes first before Publish. But the question is, how do you know if the project schedule’s been modified? Easy … there are 2 fields available to provide you with info on PWA –
1. Last Modified – when the project was last changed and saved, but not published
2. Last Published – just that, last time the project was published
These 2 fields can be added to any views on Project Center indicating when the project was last modified and/or published.

How to add the “Last Modified” and “Last Published” to Project Center view?

Step 1: Click Server Settings -> Manage views

Step 2: In Manage Views, pick a view in project Center. Here, I have picked Summary view for illustration

Step 3: Add the fields and click Save

Now, when you goto Project Center -> Summary view, you should see these 2 columns, indicating when the project was last saved and last published.

In cases when multiple team members (think Global engagement with multiple streams of work with several team leads) are updating the project, it is important to determine if changes were done since you, as PM, last published the schedule.


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