HTML5 aiding Web Centricity

McKinsey Quarterly has an excellent article on the next generation of internet standard, HTML5, would revolutionize the telecom/mobile industry.

Interesting tidbit from this article –

  1. integrated video and other multimedia content in HTML5, which otherwise would require plug-in (off course, we all know this by now)
  2. HTML5 enables browsers to locally store 1000 times more data i.e. offline capability
  3. hardware manufactures are already behind HTML5, which in turn translates to software vendors catching up as well
  4. same application available on multiple devices i.e. Web Centricity (think of it this way, no separate NYTimes app for iPhone and Android. We shall have one HTML5 complaint app built for all platforms, both hardware and software)
  5. impacted industry segments – telecom, content providers, smartphone manufacturers

An interesting statistic, to quote –

…. more than 50 percent of all mobile applications will switch to HTML5 within three to five years.

Basically, the future points to a work culture where most of the work gets done on multi-purpose mobile devices. As McKinsey rightly states, “Web Centricity” is the future on how we develop applications. Interesting times ahead, especially for IT. Should we call this “Mobile Boom” revolution?

See also, Part 1 of my article discussing HTML5 features.


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