Brainstorming – the new way!

Almost, all the companies use Brainstorming to generate new ideas. These traditional brainstorming, although useful in aspects like boosting morale, improving teamwork etc, it is quite often superceded by few groups and/or people deemed SME or Senior Management. That’s why you see most employees dread at attending brainstorming sessions when called for, because their ideas are not valued.

In Web 2.0 era, with the advent of Social media and improved collaboration and communication, it is imperative that companies listen to ideas from all ranks of people and objectively prioritize ideas and fund them. This calls for brainstorming in a new way, compared to traditional brainstorming.

Wikipedia defines Brainstorming as –

“….a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem”

Brainstorming done well can generate tremendous value for organizations. McKinsey’s Seven steps to better brainstorming exactly defines on how to run such sessions, with examples:
1. Know your organization’s decision-making criteria
2. Ask the right questions
3. Choose the right people
4. Divide and conquer
5. On your mark, get set, go!
6. Wrap it up
7. Follow up quickly

I’d add that such brainstorming sessions needs a good facilitator too.

Time for companies to embrace new ways of brainstorming. Also, think about the opportunities social media offers to take brainstorming to next level.

Happy Brainstorming!


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