Necessary tools for running a Software Development Project

I am an avid Project Server 2007 user and I have been using it to manage all of my projects lately. I truly believe it is one of the best Project Management softwares out there. But it’s only for Portfolio, Program and Project Management i.e. meaning, it’s good at managing schedule, resources, budget and collaboration and team management aspects of the project.

What about application development? From a custom application development perspective, especially in .NET and Java domains, there is a need for several tools across various phases of project. Some examples –

  • For Building prototypes – Axure, Visio
  • For Architecture, Design – Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose
  • For Development – Visual Studio, Sharepoint Designer, Netbeans, Eclipse, Weblogic Workshop
  • For Testing – HP LoadRunner
  • For Logging defects – HP Quality Center, Bugzilla
  • For Deployment – ANT, Maven
  • For Monitoring – Dynatrace
  • For capturing incidents, problems – Helpdesk software
  • For capturing demand – HP Project Portfolio Management, CA Clarity

Effective PM should have a basic understanding of atleast each tool in each category. I know it’s quite a list but this has come to be the expectation of the Management i.e. meaning PM should not be just “PPT” and “MS Project” monkey but knowledgeable leader in each phase of software development project.

I understand that some of you might say, process is important than tools. I completely agree but I believe that having the right tools enables the team to be more effective.

What do you think? Have I missed out any category of tools?


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