Working with project schedule offline in Project Server 2007

Project Professional 2007 enables you to work on a project schedule when you are not connected to Project Server. There are two ways of working offline from Project Server:

  1. Save for Sharing – This option is normally used if you want to share the project schedule with other vendors/users/partners etc who may not have access to Project Server 2007. Here you check out the project schedule -> Save the project schedule as .mpp file -> send it to team via email. Changes received from team can then be imported onto project on Project Server. For detailed step by step instructions, view my blog post here

  2. Offline – Many a project managers, especially consultants, are used to working offline on a slew of documents, including project schedule. So, the question is how do you accomplish this with project server 2007? Below is the step by step instructions for the same.

Step-by-Step instructions for working on project schedule offline:
Step 1: Connect to project server. In this example, I am connecting to Development project server

Step 2: Open the project by clicking “Retrieve the project server”

The example I have used here is Test Project

Step 3: Close the project without checking in (File -> Close). When prompted keep the project checked out.

Now, you Project Managers, can goto beach or board a flight.

Step 4: When disconnected from network, connect to the Project Server instance from which you saved the project and click the WORK OFFLINE button. Work with your project and make the changes you want to make, as illustrated below.

Step 5: When prompted to check-in, click No

Vacation over, You are back in office.

Step 6: Open the project normally by connect to project server, as usual

Step 7: Open the project from local cache

Step 8: Click on File -> Save; File -> Publish and Check-in the project

All the changes that were incorporated offline, should now be reflected on project server.

It took us a while to get this working correctly with our group with good amount of training and education about project server local cache etc. But it definitely pays to understand the differences between Work Offline vs. Save for Sharing vs. Save.


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