Sharepoint 2010 Site Customization – Approach and How to?

Too often, we always look for tools to solve problems. Many a times we miss out on exploring the options provided by the software/product and straight away jump to tools to design and custom code right away. Just recently, one of my colleague asked me if there are any tools to help customize and brand the website. I told him yes, there are plenty of tools to do that, but suggested that he read the article first before taking any steps. This SharePoint article provides as excellent approach towards customization and branding in SharePoint 2010.

The best thing I liked about this article is the author’s approach towards design:

…. you start your project with the available options in the browser – the SharePoint interface itself. When you run out of options here, you move to SharePoint-supported tools. And when you run out of options here, you move to custom code solutions with development tools.

A must read for all Administrators, Managers and Developers alike.

Happy Customizing and Branding!


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