What do Executives read?

As part of my continuous Management book reading series, I have picked up “Why Should the Boss Listen to You: The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor“. The author, James Lukaszewski, one of the world’s master strategic advisers to CEOs, states that some professionals enjoy long and prosperous careers in business because they’ve achieved the most valuable role possible in their field – KEY TRUSTED ADVISOR TO LEADERS.

I am always curious to know how the Management thinks and makes decisions, what they read, how and what they communicate etc. What I learned from this book is that C-level executives routinely read the following publications:

Harvard Business Review
Sloan Management Review
Jack Welch’s writings/books
Berkshire Hathway’s Annual report (surprise! Buffett is on everyone’s mind!)
Directors and Boards
Executive books

Also, most leaders admire and read about other leaders like Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, Warren Bennis and others. If you have to speak Leaders’ language, you have to know their language, their thinking and where-abouts about their ideas etc. That way, it is much easier to connect with management executives and be one of their trusted advisors.

Eye-opener for me. I have a long long way to go!

How many of these are on your list?


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