Ways to derive IT Strategy

In general, IT Strategy is derived from corporate and business strategy. While this is true for most part, there are other ways to craft/derive IT Strategy. Few ideas below.

IT Strategy could be based off –
1) Continuous improvement of business critical processes and core operational processes
How? Assess performance -> Develop plans for improvement -> Close the gaps
Note: These plans should point back to IT Agenda

2) examining the role of new technologies
– determining whether new technologies like Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Wireless etc would reduce IT costs and/or enable the workforce to be more efficient

3) examining the role of social media
– anyone who is not paying attention to Social Media will be in history books in a chapter right next to dinosaurs! Companies especially in Consumer Business, Retail, Transportation etc should paying attention to what customers are saying about their products and use the feedback as improvement opportunities. Heard F-Commerce? If not, read more here

Detailed analysis of each of the above would essentially translate to projects (read: Improvement Areas) in either in Applications, Infrastructure, Data/information flow, addressing IT staff issues/skills etc. This is where the rubber meets the road i.e., strategy translation to execution. A quote which I really like –

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”
— Morris Chang, CEO, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Improvement idea can come in any time and by anyone across the organization. So the development of IT strategy should be never-ending series of discussions across a range of settings, including Senior Management meetings, discussions with Tech folks at water cooler, feedback from Customer Service etc.

What do you think?


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