What I’d like to see at 2016 Rio Olympics

You might have read that Olympics sponsor VISA is bringing ring based NFC payments to Rio. This is good innovation but I’d like to see if anyone can invent a device to track athletes complete performance. In other words, track athletes¬†24*7 through Olympics to understand their lifestyle through 16 days.

  • How much calories do they consume? What do they consume? (Iam always curious to know what athletes eat during such peak performance period)
  • How much water do they consume vs. sports drinks?
  • How much calories do they burn daily?
  • How much sleep do they get?
  • How much do they socialize? (do these athletes only practice, practice … or do they socialize/drink, hang outs :-))
  • Vital stats
  • How much do they shop? (do they venture outside of Olympic parks)
  • How much time on devices – watching TV/videos/smartphones?

Wouldn’t you be curious? Imagine the insights we could get from such data. It could offer companies across various industries like sports, retail, financial, CPG, healthcare, entertainment and others a ton of data. A way to make this happen (in lieu of all the privacy and tracking regulations) would be wonderful.

Can “Wearable tech” on athletes’ clothes make this happen?