Great reads to finish off my weekend

  1. Fascinating interview on Digital and what it takes for company to really transform and operationalize – it’s people and leadership! Clara Shish, CEO of Hearsey and Starbucks board member  shares great perspective.
  2. If you wanted to know everything about TWTR and Jack Dorsey, this vanity fair article is brilliant – “Twitter is betting everything on Jack Dorsey
  3. Facebook Messenger possibly disrupting Retail Banking with Messenger Bots. BOA already on bandwagon.
  4. Although old news, I am closely watching on who is eating market share of Uber’s $65B market cap.Apple’s $1B investment in Didi (China’s Uber) is shocking. It’s Uber vs. Didi atleast in China, for now!  Uber is trailing Ola in India. Travis Kalanick worried? China and India are 2 biggest markets that every investor needs to be pay attention too.